Sunday, May 25, 2014

BCL's guide to becoming an informed liberal.

This is BCL's guide to becoming an informed liberal. The following is a collection of online articles which should be read in order to become knowledgeable in economic matters such as Free trade, the effects of government spending and taxation on growth, how growth helps the poor, etc.

Free trade and globalization: 

Article: In Praise of Cheap Labor by Paul Krugman
About: Paul Krugman explains that 3rd world citizens are among the greatest beneficiaries from free trade and that any attempt to block trade or impose international regulations could backfire and cause 3rd world countries export industries to shrink, leading to lost jobs, lost economic growth, and ultimately a lower standard of living. 

Government spending:

Article: Government Size and Growth by Magnus Henrekson and Andreas Bergh
About: Examines the relationship between government size and economic growth. They generally find that larger government is associated with lower economic growth. 

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